About Vijay

Vijay Menon was a devout Hindu. He trained as a Ship's Engineer and later came to London in the 1960's to work in marine insurance at Lloyds.  One day, by accident, he found himself in a Christian church service at St Helen Bishopsgate. By the time he realised where he was, the press of the crowd made escape impossible and so he had to sit through the service until the bitter end.

In the course of the sermon by Dick Lucas, he was astonished to hear that Jesus Christ had died not only for Christians but also for Hindus and Muslims.  This intrigued him and caused him to investigate the Christian faith further and become a Christian.  Not only that, he also became an enthusiastic evangelist and took early retirement to concentrate on his ministry ("God sent me to Britain to convert the natives"). Fifty years on, his enthusiasm is undimmed. Now in his eighties, he is as active as ever. Alongside many public engagements, his passion is for one to one training in Christian Discipleship, through which countless lives have been touched. Always his aim is to teach people, not only for their own benefit, but so they may in turn teach others. He has recorded his training sessions and they have been put here by his friends with the prayer that others may be similarly helped.